Dell EMC Linux Repository (v19.05.00)

Dell EMC Linux Repository is a repository used to distribute Dell updates for Linux Operating Systems. It distributes:

What is new in this repository release

What is Dell EMC System Update (DSU v1.7.0)

Dell EMC System Update (DSU) is a script optimized update deployment tool for applying Dell Update Packages (DUP) to Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.
DSU 1.7.0 extends the capability of deploying updates remotely to servers.
From a single script a command can be sent to make a secure connection to a number of servers, deploy DSU to the remote machines, perform update tasks
and then remove DSU from the remote machine allowing for unprecedented flexibility.

DSU User Guide can be found here

What is new in DSU 1.7.0

The release of DSU 1.7 signals a significant advancement in the update process. DSU 1.7 extends the revolutionary methods of applying remote updates to include updating through iDRAC.
This technology allows DSU 1.7 and future versions to perform comprehensive updates without requiring persistent installation on the target system
This is an important feature, because it provides all the benefits of remote updates to 1 or more systems, without the need to install and maintain DSU on each system. Known Issues: Note:

1) The OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) upgrade using DSU utility is temporarily disabled. To upgrade OMSA directly using yum, use the instructions in this page (Here)

2) To install OpenManage Server Administrator on Microsoft Windows operating systems, refer the latest Dell OpenManage Server Administrator User’s Guide.

Supported Operating Systems

Support for Ubuntu operating systems is pre-enabled and the support is limited. All the DSU commands may function as usual without any issues. For more information
on the catalog that has the updates for Ubuntu operating system, refer Ubuntu Catalog


1) "rebuilt" versions of the above such as CentOS or ScientificLinux and community distros like Fedora and OpenSUSE are not tested with this repository.

2) Support for Ubuntu is pre-enabled only on 12th and 13th generation of PowerEdge systems.

Preferred Installation method for Dell EMC System Update

Installation method using DUP

Installation method using Linux repository